Moj faced a significant challenge in supporting and nurturing the growth of a diverse community of content creators on their platform, spanning various languages and categories. The company had to ensure high engagement levels and retention rates to generate organic growth for both the creators and the platform.


We tackled this challenge by implementing a multi-pronged approach.

  • By creating a comprehensive onboarding process for the content creators, providing them with training and mentorship, and helping them to create quality content across various categories.
  • We leveraged our social media marketing expertise to promote the Moj platform's content, using relevant hashtags and collaborating with influencers to amplify reach.


  • Over a span of 12 months, Krazyfox incubated 3500 + content creators on MOJ
  • Generating over 2 million pieces of content across 11 different languages and categories like fashion, food, comedy, lifestyle, finance, and gaming.
  • Hashtag #krazyfox reached the 7.9 billion mark and is growing day by day on the Moj app, indicating high levels of engagement and retention.
  • The platform's retention rate increased to 74%, indicating that the content was resonating with the audience and driving organic growth.


  • Krazyfox's partnership with Moj has been a resounding success, incubating a large number of content creators on the platform and generating engaging content across various categories.
  • The results indicate that their multi-pronged approach has been effective in addressing the challenge and driving organic growth for both the creators and the platform. Krazyfox has demonstrated its expertise in digital marketing and social media, establishing itself as a leading player in the industry.