Client Background

Vita is a free video editing app that wanted to scale up its business in India. Krazyfox was tasked with developing and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy to help Vita achieve their goals.


Vita faced significant challenges in reaching their target audience and generating awareness about their app. The intense competition in the video editing app market made it challenging to stand out and attract new users.


  • Krazyfox collaborated with Vita to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that addressed their challenges. Over 12 months, Krazyfox executed successful campaigns to help Vita reach a wide audience and achieve their goals.
  • Krazyfox identified the right creators and influencers in the video editing space to collaborate with on Instagram and YouTube, ensuring that the campaigns resonated with the audience and generated the desired results.
  • This strategy helped Vita reach over 5,00,00,000 people on Instagram and 7,00,00,000 people on YouTube.
  • Krazyfox's expertise in campaign execution, coupled with proven strategies and the ability to identify the right creators and influencers, played a critical role in the success of the collaboration.


  • Vita was able to scale up their business and achieve significant growth in India.
  • The collaboration with Krazyfox resulted in widespread awareness and adoption of Vita's app, with a significant increase in user acquisition and retention.


Krazyfox's proven strategies, great campaign execution ability, and expertise in identifying the right creators and influencers made us the perfect service provider for Vita. If you're looking to scale up your business and achieve significant growth, Krazyfox can be your trusted partner. Connect with us today and let us help you achieve your go.